District 3 Achievements Under Supervisor Donna Michaels’ Leadership (2020-2023)

There have been impressive strides our community has taken and been a part of since Donna Michaels took office in District 3 as County Supervisor in 2020. Collaborating with many from around the county, the large number of key accomplishments highlight Donna’s commitment to inclusive progress, fostering partnerships, and sustaining the growth of the Verde Valley and Yavapai County.

Affordable Housing and Stabilization of Rent for Manufactured Home SitesAffordable Housing and Stabilization of Rent for Manufactured Home Sites

  • Addressing the pressing issue of unprecedented site fee increases for manufactured home residents, collaborative efforts are underway with national experts and statewide leaders to explore resident-owned communities or site fee stabilization.

American Viticultural Accreditation (AVA)

  • Instrumental in advocating for Verde Valley’s wine industry, resulting in the official American Viticultural Area (AVA) accreditation in 2020. This achievement reflects our dedication to fostering economic growth and ensuring the prosperity of “The Heart of Arizona Wine Country.”

State Representative Selina Bliss

Bipartisan Collaborations

State Representative Selina Bliss

  • Engaging in bipartisan collaboration with Representative Bliss, advocating for over $4 million of Federal funding dedicated to on-call OBGYN physicians, strategically placed to address the unique needs of rural communities in LD1 for Yavapai County.

State Senator Sine Kerr

  • Collaborating with Senator Kerr on OHV matters, contributing to the formation of a committee addressing OHV issues and legislation, with ongoing efforts for OHV rental business licensure legislation for Arizona.


    • Advocacy efforts focused on addressing healthcare challenges within Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH), including successful initiatives such as overturning a healthcare/commercial development plan, meeting with Arizona’s Attorney General to advocate for improved healthcare, and actively collaborating with stakeholders to enhance healthcare services.

    Humane Society

    • Renegotiated the 2020 contract with the Verde Valley Humane Society, leading to the successful reinstatement of shelter services. Ongoing efforts include a review to further improve effectiveness and efficiency.

    Infrastructure Improvements Initiated through District 3 (Totaling Over $13M)

    • Spearheading major projects in Cornville, Jerome, Verde Villages, and the Village of Oak Creek, focusing on addressing traffic concerns, recycling collection, slope repair, grant applications, and extensive road improvements. IF you’d like to know more about the projects accomplished and the budgets for each, please click this link to visit the page.

    Internal Structure of Yavapai County

    • Initiated and facilitated the transition from an outdated administrator model to the present county manager model, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in decision-making and work prioritization.
    IMG 3372


    • A vocal advocate against unregulated mining, prioritizing the protection of human health and the land from potential hazards.
    Infrastructure Improvements

    Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Regulation Advocacy

    • Pioneering potential OHV legislation, collaborating on a groundbreaking MOU with the Yavapai Cattle Growers Association and USFS, and actively addressing the impact of unregulated OHV industry on public safety, health, trails, environment, and the cattle industry.
    Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Regulation Advocacy

    Regenerative Agriculture

    • Collaborating with stakeholders dedicated to regenerative practices, exploring innovative approaches to nurture ecosystems, improve soil health, and create a resilient future for agriculture.

    United States Forest Service (USFS) Chief Randy Moore and the Cattle Growers Associations

    • Actively collaborating with the Arizona Cattle Growers Association and the Yavapai Cattle Growers to address concerns related to grazing lands and OHV use, resulting in a memorandum of understanding between the USFS and the Cattle Growers.
    Regenerative Agriculture

    The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Funding

    • Leading efforts to secure over $10 million for broadband services in underserved communities, actively seeking to provide broadband services in these areas.

    Timing of Prescribed Burns

    • Initiated collaborative discussions with the U.S. Forest Service and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality regarding measures for the timing of prescribed burns to safeguard viticulture crops.

    Water Security

    • Initiated the first proclamation regarding water security for rural Yavapai County, Arizona, actively participating in Governor Hobbs’ Water Policy Council to safeguard water resources for 44 rural communities across the state. Click this link to see the full proclamation.
    Donna Meeting with the Governor discussing Water Rights

    Yavapai-Apache Nation

    • Initiating and sustaining respectful and collaborative relationship with the Yavapai-Apache Nation.
    Yavapai-Apache Nation

    District-Wide Achievements

    • Support for the bridge project in Clarkdale, securing $3 million in funding, a boon to the Clarkdale community to help fuel future economic development, while preserving the historic bridge.
    • Working with District 2, we championed the multimillion-dollar acquisition of federal lands for Windmill Park in Cornville.
    • Collaboration with Yavapai County Cattle Growers Association, District 2, and the Ducey administration led to securing $9.7 million for a meat processing facility. This demonstration of a commitment to economic development and community improvement will provide farm-to-table options for the community and our future residents.
    • Recycling now offered in Cornville

    Other Areas

    • Continued focus on community needs with services such as Blood Drives, Shred-A-Thons, and Fire Wise safety initiatives.