Verde Connect Contracts Canceled!

No New $65M Jail

What The Community Is Talking About …

Oppose Verde Connect!

To whom it may concern, 

PLEASE don’t vote with the monied, self-interest group that hopes to profit by resurrecting the project known as Verde Connect. PLEASE support the Middle Verde Neighborhood, over 1,780 petition signers, the Town of Camp Verde, the Beaver Creek Community Association and City of Jerome, who all voted to stop the project, unanimously.
Your Yavapai County District, which votes two-thirds Republican, elected a Democrat to the Board of Supervisors in part because she opposes the project and in total because she selflessly serves communities and wants to see thoughtful development supported by those communities. 
The Coconino National Forest, besieged on all sides, opposes the project. And the monies that will NOT be spent – at least $75-100M, according to our Traffic Engineer – will be available for real road projects that will help taxpayers.
PLEASE vote against Resolution 3076, in accordance with the citizens you represent and in support of your fellow communities.
Thank you for your consideration, and stay well,
Erin Sharaf 

Middle Verde Resident Concerns on Verde Connect

I have lived in the rural Middle Verde area for almost 30 years and I am very upset to think of the verde connect project of roads and a bridge going right through this rural area bringing with it traffic, noise, and pollution and ruining the Middle Verde area character … 
Once something like this is allowed, all that was so unique to this special area of the Verde Valley and what brought me and many who love it here will be gone forever..
Please look at the recent Verde Independent Poll. Please consider the precious environment this area holds Please consider the special and Middle Verde character PLEASE RATIFY your decision on verde connect.
Thank You for all you have done for us, I do pray you will  continue to support and protect our very special Middle Verde Area in the Verde Valley
Heath Youngman

overwhelmingly rejected

My Name is Amanda Taylor. In June of 2019 I purchased an 8 1/2  acre river front property on Thousand Trails Rd. The proposed Verde Connect bridge will land only 2000 ft. from my property line.

I don’t think I can properly put into words how heartsick I was to find out that this pristine, rural land full of wildlife and peace and quite was about to be turned into and worthless piece of dirt with a noisy bridge in my side yard.

I’ve spent my life savings to acquire this land to build an organic farm and to have a peaceful rural existence.

Please know that this bridge will destroy the lives and value of so many people, farms and wildlife. The people of the Middle Verde love these lands and cherish our way of life. I beg of you to continue to help us preserve it.

We’ve signed so many petitions, donated money, shown up to the meetings and fought passionately. The people and surrounding communities have overwhelmingly rejected this bridge, but it seems we have only been ignored by so many.

I don’t want to lose faith in our local government. Please help our voices to be heard once again.

Amanda Taylor

Donna Michaels believes in local control and NOT partisan politics. All residents of the Verde Valley, irrespective of party, are invited to join Donna to PROTECT, PRESERVE and PROMOTE our Verde Valley, District 3 and Yavapai County.

“I have lived in the Verde Valley almost three decades and cherish the rural, small town character and iconic views that are uniquely ours.”

“As your supervisor, I will fight to protect each community’s sense of place and ensure full transparency, community engagement and accountability.” 


with evidence-based decisions that address the expectations and needs of District 3 and Yavapai County residents.


through engaging our diverse resident population to leverage our communities’ collective power of skills, knowledge and other resources.


by communicating the intention and purpose for decisions and actions that affect the Verde Valley and Yavapai County.

Donna has served on many national and statewide boards, including the Sandra Day O’Connor Advisory Council for the Centennial Voter Registration Initiative and Yavapai College Board of Governors from 2002-2008. Most recently, she founded the Veterans Equine Therapy Alliance (VETA).

Donna holds a Doctorate in Social Policy and Planning, and is a nationally certified hearing officer with the National Association of Hearing Officials.

Michaels is committed to

  • Protecting local decision making & ensuring that your voice is heard
  • Prioritizing safety, social & health services
  • Promoting & Preserving our diverse rural, multicultural communities
  • Advocating to ensure quality education
  • Ensuring infrastructure is not only cost effective, but aligns with community plans & vision
  • Fighting to protect our open spaces & public lands

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“Let us never forget that government is ourselves and not an alien power over us. The ultimate rulers of our democracy are not a President and senators and congressmen and government officials, but the voters of this country.”

Franklin D. Roosevelt


our rural, small-town communities’ character, community plans and vision statements.


our treasured rural lifestyle, our land use plans and our threatened, diminishing water resources.


businesses that complement our communities’ plans and vision, and that embrace smart technologies and sustainability.


our rural, small-town communities’ character, community plans and vision statements.


our treasured rural lifestyle, our land use plans and our threatened, diminishing water resources.


businesses that complement our communities’ plans and vision, and that embrace smart technologies and sustainability.

Community Conversations

Team Michaels invites members of our community to join in conversations and share their stories.
If you have ideas for an issue to be discussed or would like to participate in a conversation, please send to us via our Contact page.
I Am Committed To Advocating

I Am Committed To Advocating

The Verde Connect is a HOT DEBATE in the Verde Valley! Many of you have told me you don’t want the project to go forward, it won’t solve infrastructure needs and we should not be spending that kind of money with this looming pandemic. Your thoughts?

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Donna Hits the Ground Listening!

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