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Yard Signs SHOW Support!

In the heart of Yavapai County District 3, the familiar sight of Donna Michaels’ yard signs stands as a steadfast beacon of community strength and progress. These signs are more than symbols; they are a collective voice, a visual testament to our unwavering support for a leader who has tirelessly championed our values and aspirations.

As we gear up for the upcoming election, now more than ever, Donna Michaels needs your help! Requesting yard signs is not just a gesture—it’s a statement to our neighbors that we stand united behind a proven leader, ready to spearhead positive change in the Verde Valley.

However, our support cannot end with a sign on the lawn. By clicking here and making a financial donation to Donna’s campaign, you are investing in a future that prioritizes our community’s well-being. Your contributions will fuel the momentum needed to secure a successful campaign, ensuring that Donna can continue advocating for us all.

Let’s band together, show our unwavering support for Donna Michaels, and pave the way for a continued brighter future in Yavapai County. Request your yard sign today and donate to keep our community’s voice strong. Fill out the form below so our Campaign Re-Election team can get your sign to you!

Donna Michaels: Leading the way & shaping the Verde Valley’s tomorrow!


Support Donna Michaels in Yavapai County District 3

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