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In our hour-long conversation (play video below), we look at an unnecessary transportation project with a $25M grant that could cost taxpayers up to $100M. This grant application is opposed by every surrounding community, yet continues to be moved forward by Yavapai County District 3 Supervisor. This, despite the fact that Yavapai County is already heavily in debt, which will only worsen with the subsequent economic fallout from COVID-19.

Known as “the road to nowhere,” this “road” would have devastating effects on a precious and fragile riparian area along the Verde River, as well as destroying a community’s cherished, small town, and important rural character.

This issue speaks to a larger picture of development in Yavapai County and how we move forward with responsible growth that protects our rural lifestyle—a major tenet built into most community plans of Yavapai County.

Our incumbent is failing to listen to and authentically engage his constituency.

As your candidate, I was delighted to join with Zach Wolfe of Plowing Ahead Ranch (, Todd Scantlebury of Tickaboo Ranch, and Yavapai County Supervisor, District 2 candidate, Wiley Cline (), in discussing this matter. Thank you for coordinating and hosting this, Hava!

Thanks also to: Willowbrook Farm and the Verde Valley CSA (.com/)

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