Staying Healthy & Sociable While Practicing “Physical” Distancing

Hello Friends and Neighbors,

Protecting our health during this pandemic goes beyond just our physical health. It is essential to also focus on our emotional and mental well-being too.

Here are a few suggestions (please send yours to us!) to assist you in flexing your daily emotional/mental health wellness muscles.


While it’s vital that we stay at home and indoors as much as possible, you can take walks outside as long as you are mindful of practicing safe physical distancing (6 feet of distance between you and others) and staying away from crowded public areas. We are truly blessed with open spaces, mountain bike and walking paths, and scenic horse trails to enjoy. By enjoying these activities, we can keep or get in shape while boosting our spirits and outlook on life.

“Physical” Distance NOT Social Distance

Companies like Zoom, Skype, and even Google offer online group video chats that will let you connect with the people you love. You can use your iPhone to FaceTime and there’s always the option of using an old-fashioned phone call. Reach out to others who may be timid in doing the same and tell them you care. Let them know they are not alone and that you are only a phone, text, or social media device away.

If you see a mental health professional, check in with them and see if you can book a remote session via telephone or video conferencing.

While Team Michaels is NOT offering medical advice or mental health advice, we can offer human connection. If you’d like to have a friendly conversation with someone outside your home, just call or text (928) 963-1638. You may also connect with us on Facebook (Donna for District 3). We will respond!

Thank you to all of you who are currently working to be safe and responsible and thank you especially to those who reach out to me or any of our campaign team. I hope you’ll continue to do so!

Your candidate,

Donna Michaels

We need compassionate, hardworking leaders like Donna as Yavapai County Supervisor for District 3, especially as we go forward into an uncertain future.

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