Operating Principles

Accountability: I base my decisions on evidence-based data and on the expectations and needs of District 3 and Yavapai County residents.

Collaboration: I engage the diverse voter and resident population in order to leverage our communities’ significant collective power that includes skills, knowledge and other resources.

Transparency: I communicate candidly with voters and residents the intention and purpose of decisions and actions that affect our communities and the general citizenry.

Position Statements

Sustainable Economic Development: By focusing on sustainable economic development, our communities will remain a Region that provides recreation, tourism, business enterprise, workforce development, education, and quality of life that will be a model for other communities in the state.

Protection of Natural Resources: Cooperative leadership throughout the region and state are crucial to adequately address the burden and demand placed on our finite and diminishing water resources as well as available land for development.

Education: Ensuring that our school districts, community college, professional development training, certifications, and lifelong learning opportunities thrive should be a fundamental priority of all elected officials and community leaders.

Infrastructure: We are at a critical infrastructure crossroads in our region. Whether it is the roads on which we drive, the transportation system we use or the trails we aspire to connect, our focus must not only be on costs and efficiency, but also on the extent to which these systems effectively align with and support community plans, needs and expectations.

Mental Health: We must ensure that our Verde Valley communities’ family, friends, co-workers and others can self-report, or be referred, in order to have mental health care services available in a more timely, caring and professional system.

Community Services: The need for additional or improved services should be addressed through leaders advocating for more resources to support organizations that provide these services, especially to our most vulnerable residents including children and the elderly.

Veterans: Community leaders must be vocal advocates for the increased availability of high-quality, accessible mental health and other care, along with affordable housing and workforce development.

Homelessness: We need to substantially improve mental health care and other basic services and formulate and implement workforce development programs that restore minds, bodies and productivity for the affected population.

Taxes: All tax increases must align with voters and residents’ expectations and approval.

Budget: The budget should be balanced, and budgetary decisions based on the most conservative actions possible that will provide for the health and safety of District 3 and Yavapai County residents.

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