Your Supervisor on the Go – February 2023

Your Yavapai County District 3 Team has been hard at work since I last wrote you,  making District 3 the kind of community where we want to continue to live, work, and recreate. Here are some highlights of the activity we have been involved in.

OHV Issues Update: We continue our work on OHV legislation, with the goal of having a bill introduced in the next legislative session, 2023-2024.  Because of this persistence, countless emails and videos from a local landowner, along with numerous phone calls from myself, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality, (ADEQ) has agreed to place a dust monitor in Bear Mountain for about a week. Yavapai County P&Z Commissioner Charley Pitcher took ADEQ on a tour of the affected areas resulting in a newfound understanding between District 3 and ADEQ . This study will show first-hand how the dust kicked up from the OHV’s is impacting the surrounding vegetation and affecting our wildlife and homeowners.

Flood Control Update

Our office continues to meet regularly with Lynn Whitman, Yavapai County’s Director of Flood Control to discuss and develop strategies to mitigate flooding issues from the Cottonwood Ditch overflow. Due to development in our communities and new severe weather events, flooding has become a prominent issue in District 3. Cottonwood’s continued growth and development provides a unique opportunity for the City and County to collaborate on seeking funds to mitigate the flooding impacts on our cattle ranch lands, homes, apartments and streets.  Recently we met with Andy Groseta, a local fifth generation rancher, other area ranchers, Lynn Whitman (Flood Control), Cottonwood Ditch Association, The City of Cottonwood, and the National Resources Conservation Service (NRCS),  to discuss plans to alleviate flooding from the Cottonwood Ditch.

Water Issues Update

Potential water legislation continues to be developed with many other Supervisors and other interested partners across the State.  My goal is to ensure water security in rural Arizona. 

Meals on Wheels/Chase stuffed animal Update

We congratulate The Sisterhood Foundation and Verde Valley Senior Center for successful fundraising efforts, enabling them to purchase the adorable “Chase Jr.” stuffed service dogs.  They will bring love and joy when they are presented to seniors receiving Meals on Wheels.

New Intern for District 3

It was an honor to introduce my newly appointed District 3 intern, Hunter White, to Governor Hobbs at a recent meeting with the Governor and County Supervisors.  During this meeting we presented the Governor with a comprehensive binder outlining the pressing issues facing our rural communities.  Highlighted issues include grazing allotments for our cattle ranchers, illegal off-highway vehicle usage and more. Hunter will be working closely with my office on policy and constituent needs.

Recycling in VOC Update

District 3 continues to look for property to support a recycling drop off area in the Village of Oak Creek. Your Yavapai County District 3 office is in discussion with property management companies to pursue the goal of bringing recycling back to the Village.

As Noted

I have been been working on your behalf on many different issues and would enjoy the opportunity to further share with you what has been happening in the District 3 office and in Yavapai County through a Town Hall Meeting in March.  Stay tuned for the date and time!

In the meantime feel free to contact my office to set up a one-on-one meeting with me to discuss any issues you feel are important to you and our communities. Please contact Veronica Stepanek at 928-649-6227 between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. Monday through Friday.

Thanks for spending time with us by reading this newsletter!