No Verde Connect!

The Project Contracts Have Been Canceled

On Wednesday the 18th, Supervisor Thurman was quoted as saying the Verde Connect project was “simply too big of a tax burden to saddle on taxpayers all at once.”
Granted, he said this decision was made because the Board still plans to move forward with the new jail in Prescott, but as least for now, the design and construction contracts associated with the Verde Connect have been canceled.

Donna's Reaction to The Verde Connect Project Cancelation

Donna had the following statement:

“The seated Board made the right decision to kill the Verde Connect project. I applaud their courage to do the right thing and save taxpayers the burden of funding a project that does not adequately address traffic issues, potentially imperials an important riparian area of the Verde River, significant cultural prehistory settlements and the farming and ranching sector that our Verde Valley families and economy have relied upon for generations.
I think the Board action was further encouraged and supported by the certified letter our Supervisors elect had delivered to the seated Board in advance of yesterday’s consideration. The letter asked that no further action or expenditures be made in the Verde Connect project until the new Board is seated. I would have worked hard as I’m sure my fellow Board members would have to end this project immediately upon being sworn in as District 3, 2 and 1 Supervisors.”
To read more about the decision and what the Board of Supervisors had to say, visit the website.
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