National Association of Counties (NACo) Appointment!

Nomination Confirmation

Mary Jo McGuire, President of the National Association of Counties (NACo), has confirmed the nomination of Supervisor Donna Michaels to the prestigious Agriculture and Rural Affairs Steering Committee. President McGuire emphasized the significance of national committee membership, highlighting it as a serious responsibility requiring commitment, yet offering rewarding experiences.

NACo History

Founded in 1935, NACo serves as the unified voice for America’s 3,069 counties, advocating for policies that address the unique needs and challenges faced by local communities across the nation. With a rich history of empowering county officials and advancing the interests of rural areas, NACo plays a pivotal role in shaping federal legislation and policies that directly impact counties and their residents.


Membership in NACo’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Steering Committee holds particular importance for rural communities like the Verde Valley in Yavapai County. This committee serves as a platform for county officials to address critical issues affecting agriculture, rural development, and natural resource management.

By participating in this committee, Supervisor Michaels will have the opportunity to advocate for policies that promote economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, and quality of life enhancements for rural constituents.

The Future

With her leadership and commitment, she is poised to make significant contributions to NACo’s mission of strengthening rural America and improving the lives of millions of Americans in rural communities nationwide.

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