Vote of No Confidence – Northern Arizona Healthcare Board



As your County Supervisor and a staunch advocate for responsible stewardship of our public resources, I cannot stand idly by while the Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) board continues to demonstrate a pattern of fiscal irresponsibility, inadequate management oversight, and a concerning lack of transparency. The time has come for us to demand accountability and meaningful change within our healthcare system.


First and foremost, the NAH board’s track record of fiscal mismanagement is deeply troubling. Despite facing net negative cash flow over multiple years, they have persisted in backing projects such as the Fort Tuthill Health and Wellness Village, with an estimated cost exceeding $800 million. This reckless disregard for financial prudence is simply unacceptable, especially when taxpayer dollars are on the line.


Equally concerning is the board’s failure to exercise proper oversight and control over management, resulting in a litany of personnel issues including a toxic work environment, low employee morale, and high turnover rates. It’s clear that the current leadership structure is not equipped to address these systemic issues, and significant changes must be made to restore trust and stability within the organization.


Furthermore, the board’s insular management environment, characterized by an exclusionary board selection process and the influence of outsiders who do not have to live with the consequences of their decisions, has only served to erode community trust. This disconnect between the board and the people they purportedly serve is disconcerting and must be rectified immediately.


Moreover, the board’s failure to focus on its primary mission of providing high-quality healthcare to patients in our service area is evident in the reduction of Medicare and patient ratings, as well as the loss of vital medical specialties. This dereliction of duty is unacceptable and represents a betrayal of the trust placed in them by the community.


Additionally, the board’s misleading practices, including overstating the need for a new hospital and deliberately withholding information on staffing, further undermine their credibility and integrity. The people of Yavapai County deserve transparency and honesty from their healthcare providers.


In light of these failures, it’s clear that the NAH board is unfit to govern our healthcare system. We must come together as a community to demand accountability, transparency, and meaningful reform within Northern Arizona Healthcare. Our health and well-being depend on it.

Together, we can build a healthcare system that prioritizes the needs of our community and ensures access to high-quality care for all. The time for change is now.


I encourage you to join me by expressing a vote of no confidence for the Northern Arizona Healthcare board to bring better healthcare to the residents of Verde Valley and Yavapai County. Make your voice heard today by filling out the form below.

Vote of No Confidence


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