More Vaccines and Newer Versions of COVID

More Vaccines Are Coming, But So Are Newer Versions of the COVID-19 Virus

There are now at least three variants of COVID-19 circulating in the U.S. Each raised international alarms as they spread in the countries they were first detected, each for different reasons. The three variants which have caused the most international concern are the strain from Brazil, one in South Africa and the one in association with the large outbreaks in California originally from Denmark.  There are currently 3 cases in AZ associated with a variant so far.  A more contagious virus means that fast outbreaks are more likely, and if more people are sick there will be more people who are hospitalized and more who die. That affects how the virus spreads, and the measures we take to slow the spread.

How should we change our behavior with a more contagious virus?   

While a thin cotton mask may have stopped enough of the virus to keep you from getting sick before these more contagious variants were so widespread, now a thicker, medically rated mask may be better.  You should also limit the places you visit. If you went to the grocery store once a week before, consider going every other week. Or if you already go every two weeks, why not try every three? Be even more careful about indoor gatherings.

Update on Vaccine Points of Distribution (POD) in Yavapai County
The Spectrum POD at Findlay and in Cottonwood, as well as the YRMC POD at the old Sears building at Gateway Mall currently have no appointments available, however some slots opened yesterday, so keep checking back.

YCCHS should have more news about the supply of vaccine allocated to Yavapai County later today. The update to ADHS’ Vaccine by County chart indicates that out of 33,600 doses of vaccine received, Yavapai County has administered 24,503 first doses of vaccine, and 1,949 2nd doses – many thanks to the tremendous support of community partners. See:  vaccine-phases.pdf (, updated daily.

Yavapai County reports 43 COVID-19 Cases and 5 Additional Deaths 

Yavapai County has tested 96,108 residents with 16,746 positive cases, 7,007 recovered, and 394 deaths. YRMC West has 35 COVID-19 patients, YRMC East is caring for 12 patients. VVMC reports 11 COVID-19 hospitalizations. The VA reports no COVID-19 patients today.

The ADHS Business dashboard indicating community spread for Yavapai County for the two weeks ending January 17th shows a drop in cases per 100k from 475/100K to 331/100k, percent positivity dropped to 18.8% from 20.8% and hospital visits for COVID-like illness dropping from 20.2% to 15.1%.

Community Health Center of Yavapai

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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

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