Meals on Wheels and the Great Cereal Handout

Elaine Bremner and Donna Michaels at the Verde Valley Senior Center in Cottonwood.

Heartfelt thanks to all of the many generous people who showed up in impressive numbers on Friday, April 18th with boxes of cereal and donations to help supply the Verde Valley Senior Center‘s “Meals on Wheels” program…
Tom Coultas

Tom Coultas

Elaine Bremner is the Executive Director of the Verde Valley Senior Citizens’ Association. Her request for cereal was a call to action for Tom Coultas and Jack Van Rixel. Tom and Jack supplied 130 masks (handmade by Jack) to be exchanged for cereal or cash donations to the program.

Candidate Donna Michaels and her team were honored to partner with Tom in setting up and facilitating this great outpouring of community support. In just over half an hour, all 130 masks were distributed and we’d received 120 boxes of cereal, along with $775.00 in donations to buy more! For the “Meals on Wheels” program to reach seniors in communities all across vast Yavapai County, one can imagine the tremendous supply of food required by Elaine and her staff at the Center. During this global pandemic, it’s especially important right now!

The Michaels team also had the honor of delivering the cereal to Elaine and her friendly, hard working team at the Senior Center who received us with smiles, excitement, and much appreciation.

So, here’s your call to action: the Verde Valley Senior Center is in need of volunteers. Please click here for more information.

Together, we are better! Stay safe, stay well, stay home!


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