Jerome Slide Mitigation Project Underway

At the heart of my commitment to District 3 is constituent service; helping the residents of the district access the services you need to improve quality of life and ensure the well-being and safety of our community. One example of helping our residents is a Department of Public Works project taking place in the town of Jerome along Jerome-Perkinsville Road.

For years, the slopes near the Fire Station have been failing and sliding, threatening the integrity of the sidewalk and the roadway. The potential slide also threatens the free parking area located below the hill.

On February 17, 2021, the Board of Supervisors with guidance from Dan Cherry, the county’s Director of Public Works, approved funding not to exceed $78,520 for a design study – the necessary first step toward mitigating this situation. The county has selected the team of Lyons Engineering and Saguaro GeoServices for the project. Their contract includes investigating the slope failure, providing recommendations for mitigation, compiling alternative design concepts and costs for potential solutions and completing a bid-ready set of plans to take to construction.

The team is already at work in Jerome to rectify this situation.

The resources to fund this project comes from the Arizona Highway User Revenue Fund. HURF monies are generated at the state level by gasoline and use-fuel taxes, motor-carrier taxes, vehicle-license taxes, motor vehicle registration fees and miscellaneous fees. These revenues are then distributed to cities, towns and counties for road construction, improvements and other related expenses.

If you have a quality of life or infrastructure issue that you believe requires the attention of Supervisor Michaels, please contact us by email or by phone at (928) 649-6227.

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