Donna Visits with Centenarian Supporter H.B. “Boots” Claunts

H.B. “Boots” Claunts, a 101-year-vibrant resident of the Village of Oak Creek, cast his vote for Donna and she had the pleasure of visiting with him.

Mr. Claunts shared a bit about his life—four years service in the U.S. Army, his deceased wife’s “gamble” on him, and his 16 aces on the golf course, amongst other interesting experiences that tell of a life that’s full and active. “Boots” is a delightful, friendly man with a great sense of humor. His wit and wisdom are sharp, on point, and very inspiring.

When Donna asked him what she could do for him, his reply was: “Be yourself. Win. And go do the job we all know you can do.”

When she thanked him for his vote, his reply was: “You’re not lucky for me to vote for you; we’re lucky to have you running for the office.”

“Boots” is our role model for voting (amongst numerous other things). He voted; he voted for Donna. We hope it will inspire you to do the same.

Thank you again, “Boots”!

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