Call for COVID-19 Volunteers and Supplies

The Donna Michaels for Yavapai County Supervisor, District 3 campaign is currently focusing our time and efforts on any and all available means of mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on our communities throughout the Verde Valley Region. It is critical to organize and make use of the skills of our citizens if/when called upon. The Michaels Team has introduced an initiative to form a database of individuals within our communities who are willing to volunteer their skills, services, labor, supplies, etc. to any organized efforts that become available.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation [] projects that hospital resource use will peak in Arizona on or about April 26, 2020 (this date is subject to change as more current information becomes available). Based on global and national experiences, it’s wise to anticipate a potential overload on our local resources during this peak. We strongly believe that preparedness is essential in meeting challenges faced during an impending surge in cases.

Rest assured that your personal information will remain private and confidential. If you authorize us to share your information with other volunteer efforts so that they may contact you directly, please answer “Yes” to that question near the bottom of the form.

Please share this information (via this link: with anyone else you know who might be willing to help.

For guidance on how best to protect yourself and others, please click here for CDC recommendations.

Thank You!


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