A Stumble in the Vaccination Effort

Dear Citizens of Yavapai County,

In an effort to keep the gas on the pedal in every way possible to get our citizens safely vaccinated, I made a stumble last week that you should be aware of.

On Thursday, March 4th, the Mayor of Jerome, Dr. Jack Dillenberg, called me with information that Gila County was providing vaccinations to all age groups.  This was made possible by a rule that enabled individual county supervisors to lift the age requirement upon the request of a Mayor in cases of special hardship. Mayor Dillenberg requested that as Supervisor of District 3, I act to lift the age requirement because a great many of Jerome residents (irrespective of age) are place-bound.

Regretfully, in my desire to assist the residents of Jerome (pop. 474 in 2019), I failed to confirm this authority with Yavapai County Health Services or the County Attorney before issuing a letter to lift the age restriction. Mayor Dillenberg’s request to me was made on Thursday afternoon and withdrawn by me before the start of business the next day.  A letter was also sent to Mayor Dillenberg and a copy to Ms. April Rhodes, CEO of Spectrum Healthcare.  Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Chairman Craig Brown send a letter clarifying the authority to Mayor Dillenberg, with copies to me and Ms. Rhodes.

While Gila County has been able to provide vaccinations to residents of all age groups, I misunderstood that the same was possible in Yavapai County upon request by mayors claiming hardship. Upon clarification, Mayor Dillenberg and I each took immediate corrective action, and look forward to working with Spectrum Healthcare to quickly implement a mobile vaccination rollout in Jerome to address the needs of place-bound citizens.

I am sorry for the confusion that has ensued from my misstep, and appreciate your support and understanding as we work together to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Please contact me directly if you have further questions or concerns.



March 4th 4:21pm – original letter sent to Mayor Dillenberg.

March 5th 8:20am – email sent to Yavapai County Administration stating there had been an incorrect interpretation and the letter had been withdrawn (in response to phone call).

March 5th 8:33am – email sent to Yavapai County Administration stating there had been a verbal withdrawal on the evening of March 4th and this email served as confirmation (in response to their email asking for confirmation of the withdrawal).

March 5th 10:57am – email with letter attachment sent to Mayor Dillenberg from Yavapai County Board of Supervisors Chairman Craig Brown voiding Supervisor Michaels letter.

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