A Nurse’s Perspective

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

We’re sharing this local nurse’s experience on the front lines of working during this pandemic. It demonstrates both the challenges and the support happening around us. Our campaign thanks Aubrey Lynn Collins for her Facebook posts and for allowing us to share them here. We also thank all medical personnel and first responders as well as everyone working in essential services to keep our communities safe and supplied.

On April 2nd, Aubrey shared this experience in a Facebook post:

To my friends and family:

I’ve been quiet about this Coronavirus thus far but today my life changed when I was asked to take care of several Coronavirus positive patients without wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This was no fault of my employer, but because of the national shortage of PPE. I know you’ve heard of this all over the news but today, and for the unforeseeable future, this is my reality. So I am asking my friends and family… if you work construction or in a machine shop, if you’re a painter or someone who uses N95s at your job, if you can spare some PLEASE send them to me or donate them to VVMC. If anyone has goggles, or reusable safety glass that cover my our eyes then send those too! We are desperate here. Anything helps.

Stay safe my people ❤️ Sending love your way,
Your night shift nurse

Aubrey was careful to note that the lack of protective equipment was not her employer’s fault. She knew that they, like many medical facilities, are facing a national shortage of PPE. Fortunately for Aubrey and her colleagues, a generous delivery came her way just a week later.

This is her second post:

HUGE shoutout to Arizona College of Nursing, my Alma mater, for donating 200 disposable gowns, 28 goggles, several boxes of gloves, surgical masks, and hand sanitizer! Thank you for supporting your nursing students even after graduation ?. My dean and director drove 2.5 hours up to the verde valley to make sure that my colleagues and I have what we need to stay safe.

I have also received several items in the mail from people all over the United States trying to help out. People I know personally to people Ive never met before but saw my previous post asking for help are coming together for your healthcare workers. Thank you to everyone who gave what they had to the staff at Verde Valley Medical Center. We will get through this, and because of you we will get through this TOGETHER. So much love for each and every one of you who took the time and money to donate. WE LOVE YOU ❤️ THANK YOU ??

P.S. I cannot tag everyone who donated on my post because we are not Facebook official, but know how grateful we all are ?

Our local nurses and medical staff are clearly in need of all our support—both in terms of PPE (as requested in this post)—as well as any funds that can be raised to purchase these supplies for people like Aubrey and other first responders throughout our Verde Valley. The Michaels Team is deeply concerned about all those who are—by the nature of their work in essential services—exposed to this virus. We acknowledge and thank those working in our grocery stores, gas stations, restaurant take-out, pet stores, and all other locations that remain open and serving our communities as “essential services”. Please help these individuals not only with verbal expressions of appreciation but by volunteering and/or by donating funds or supplies via the following links:

Aubrey requested N95 masks for Verde Valley Medical Center.

Please contact the facility at (928) 634-2251, if you have PPE to donate.

 If you’d like to contribute funds, we recommend a donation to the Arizona Community Foundation. They’ve established the Sedona Verde Valley COVID-19 Community Response Fund to “help get emergency funding to the non-profits that are providing critical care services to our communities most vulnerable.” Please CLICK HERE to contribute to that effort.

And, finally, if you’re willing to add your information to our COVID-19 Volunteer database, please do so by clicking HERE and filling out the form.

The time is now for us to come together in evidence-based ways that can deliver critical, life-saving support to our friends and neighbors.

Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to read about this experience! We hope you’re inspired to contribute in whichever way is best for you!